April 19, 2016

Crafting Necklace Pendants With Kids

Everyone keeps telling me I should teach art. All the bones in my body are arty, but I'm afraid there's probably only one teaching bone, and it's probably one of those tiny little ones in one of my ears.

But I did promise an avid young fan of my artwork an art session, so she came over and we all decided to make some of my resin necklaces. My girls, of course, did not want to miss out on the fun.

These are the wire & resin necklaces I usually make to sell at markets and in my Etsy shop.
I usually play around with some imagery of mine (usually prints of my own artworks and illustrations), and do some painting over the top as well. So we did exactly that. I gave them their size and set out papers, paints, glue and stamps and they all set to work designing their pendants.
It helped them to have a cutout 'frame' of the final shape so they could make sure they were getting all the imagery they wanted within the available space.
Look at mine Mum!
Waiting for glue to dry means we get to have a play!
Looking so good. Mum seriously impressed and wondering if I need to employ helpers for my market stalls...
The best part of the process was after I had poured the resin and I got the butane torch out to pop all the bubbles in the top. Flames and craft = Cool. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of this as I was too busy trying to keep Miss 5 out of the resin/ glue/ glitter/ matches/ fire, etc etc.

And here they are all finished! I know three girls that should be super proud of themselves for a job well done.
Maybe the teaching bone is in one of my little fingers...?

Jules :)

PS If you're interested in how to actually use resin to make similar pendants see this post: DIY resin pendants


Anonymous said...

can you write a tutorial for this?

Jules Madden said...

I think that's a fab idea! Yes, I think I will :)


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