April 29, 2016

A Bit Of Colour

 Some photos from the last week or so of my life. Most get posted on Instagram, but thought I'd do a little 'gallery spread' here.
Above photos taken at Bulleen Art & Garden.
Little hands crafting.
In the kitchen.
A recently finished painting.
A quick, lazy kids washi tape craft.

I'll finish with a colourful photo sent to me in a picture message from a good friend. I was feeling in a frump. (My muse was still not back.) Look at what she writes to me! Thank God for quirky happy best mates to bring you out of those moments where you just feel like everything is really heavy. 
How amazing are amazing friends!?

I hope you can find a little quirky thing in your day to brighten yourself up and help you to not take life too seriously too.
Jules :)

1 comment:

Sarah Summers said...

Kindred spirits who look after each other's muses are the best :-) x


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