May 12, 2015

Finding Space

Some time today was set aside for finishing my latest painting. When I started this painting I was in one of those manic states (that I happen to get into sometimes- in an arty way) where creativity was overflowing and I just had to paint. Even though I was tired and really should've gone to bed! The motion of the pastel, paint and brushes were quick and flowing. No thought was needed to begin- it just happened. Coffee fuelled hurried work! Just get that canvas covered damn it!
A few more sessions and the momentum of the actual act of painting changed. Sometimes it was slow and careful. Contemplative. Thoughtful. 
Ebb & flow.
My last session today was the most fun. I have been personally wondering many a thing about my life recently.. where I'm going with my work, what choices am I going to make for our future. Wondering about what's important and what the heck are we all doing anyway. What does it all mean!? I flipped a podcast on to my computer and something fell into place. It was "Up For a Chat" Episode 28: 'Am I Really Making a Difference?' The ladies on the podcast do a bit of soul searching and supporting of each other mentally as they ask some questions about life, talk about being human, being busy, tired, dealing with people, and trying to make sense of it all. (I am loving this podcast by the way- it feels like sitting around with like-minded friends.)
The meaning of a painting just comes out sometimes. Intentionally?
I picked up a notebook and wrote: "Finding Space..." with the intention of writing down a description of the piece I was working on. Then I felt I didn't need to write it down. There were so many directions that sentence-starter could have gone; and my pen couldn't keep up with the words as they raced along in my mind. So.. I decided it didn't matter. "Finding Space." Life.. work.. children... I think one can look at this and be aware of the contrast in their own lives and remember to seek out that space. Or just observe. The ebb & flow.

Finding Space. Acrylic & Pastel 19 1/2 x 23 1/2"

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