May 25, 2014

Illustration Friday- Universe

I used to participate in coming up with artworks for Illustration Friday regularly a few years back. They give you a topic each week & you come up with an illustration for the topic... That's for those of you who haven't heard of it. This weeks illustration topic was Universe.
I thought about my own universe. I also thought about when I hear the word I immediately think of images that are complicated, busy, dreamy & mysterious. There's so much imagery that could be included in an illustration that portrays the word universe. I've chosen a few select themes to represent my idea. I've added in a cosmic turtle. In Hindu, Chinese & Native American mythology, the world is supported on a giant turtle's back. Then it goes from there...
What's in your universe?


  1. LOVE your style & the way the colors flow into each other! And your characters are so sweet! (Especially the turt!)


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