January 30, 2014

Holiday to Inverloch

Recently went on a beachy holiday to Inverloch (Victoria, Australia). Here are my angels enjoying the view.

I got so inspired by the shapes of the seaweed. The variations of colours and shapes... even in this one piece, which was my favourite type, the variations in shape within the one variety were beautiful. Some of them looked as though they had been pieced together. I have had people mention that these kind of shapes remind them of my work, so it's no wonder I am drawn to them!

Look at the contrast between these two rocks that nature has conveniently (for photo taking purposes) placed together :) And the colours, gasp!

The texture in the seaweed..

In the shell museum..

And some more shape & textural inspiration in the trees. 

So inspiring! 
We went away with some friends (my art jam friend & her husband & kids to be exact) and during the evenings we somehow managed to find time to do a bit of art. Here's my take of a mermaid that the girls were drawing while were away. Kids drawings have to be another fantastic form of inspiration for me. And seaweed, of course :)

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